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Don't Tell Anybody​/​Leaving

by Analog Attention

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released December 7, 2011

Produced by Analog Attention. Recorded and mixed at FM Division Studio, Moscow, Russia by Tema Amatuni. Mastered by Max Shcherbakov.

Analog Attention are:
Max Shcherbakov (guitars, arrangement)
Slava Mayorov (drums)
Vadim Belikov-Filippov (bass, double bass)
Alex Yanitskiy (keyboards, programming)
Misha Brucheyev (trumpet)
Alex Minneyev (flute, sax)
Alexandra Chesskaya (vocals)

Sampled: Eddie Cantor "Maxie the Taxi"


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Analog Attention Russian Federation

Analog Attention are Max Shcherbakov (guitars, laptops, arrangement), Slava Mayorov (drums), Alex Minneyev (flute, sax), Misha Brucheyev (trumpet), Alex Yanitskiy (keyboards, laptops), Sergey Bezruchko (bass). All the participants are or were studying in leading jazz colleges of Moscow, namely Moscow College for Improvisational Music and State College of Music Pop & Jazz Art. ... more

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Track Name: Leaving (single version)
The day
I decided to slide
In your way
You claimed
To put this city aside
Roll away
You're not gonna stay

Who am I to tell what's right?
Who am I to change your mind?
You have to decide now

I tried to catch your perspective
You say that I've neglected it so far

The night
You decided to slide
In my way
I lied
that my dreams are denied
Thrown away
I'm not gonna stay.

Who are you to tell what's right?
Who are you to change my mind?
Am I to decide now?

Now that I'm counting time
Before the train's gonna steal it and I wanna keep it
You tell me the world is mine
And I can take it on leaving as prize if I'm willing
Emotions are running high
No way to control this high frequency feeling
You come up, I step aside
Let go or just walk the line.

Step in the train and feeling aloof
Just breaking the window and go to the roof
It's easy to think you have total control
While making your life another brick in the wall.
Once I've been told that the Earth is round
Used to believe it before our meeting
Now to my mind it has turned to square
Because it doesn't spin
But only cuts my fingers.

It doesn't spin
But only hurts my fingers, cuts my fingers.

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